Blood and Biscuits released 'Smilewound' by múm as part of Cassette Store Day in September 2014. I've loved múm ever since first hearing them on John Peel's show over 10 years ago, album by album they've firmly become one of our favourite bands. It's a total honour to be working with them on this special release. 
Since their foundation in 1998, múm have forged a sublimely bright, warm and rich take on electronica, imprinting it with their own unique sound and character. What sets the band apart from so many of their peers is both their strong, playfully haunted melodies, and sorcerous integration of analogue and digital technologies. Playing an assortment of instruments and percussion alongside some crisply programmed electronic washes, beats, dingdongs and beep-beeps as well as found sounds and field recordings, the band's talent, inventiveness and nose for musical exploration is immediately audible.