LA2019 is London producer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Skyrme. Growing up in the 80s, a time when pop culture was constantly looking to the future (think Back To The Future, Star Wars, Blade Runner), a decade fascinated with the future and it's unknown technological advances, it's understandable how this debut record sounds simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic.
Some of the other-worldly soundscapes suggest what Sigur Ros might sound like if they've never discovered guitars, while elsewhere there are comparisons to be made to Vangelis or Anthony Gonzalez's M83.
Cosmic atmospheres created by hypnotic drum machines, soaring synths, majestic melodies executed by an intimate orchestra of one.
It's hard to imagine the grandiose synthesized orchestration were made in the confines of a small, but well equipped, bedroom studio. Although we're not quite riding to work on hoverboards yet, LA2019 might remind you of a time you thought you might be.