I'm not going to write this in the third person. Blood and Biscuits is an independent record label I started in 2008 while I was working at Full Time Hobby. I was doing A&R there and was trying to get them to sign Three Trapped Tigers despite them only having played 1 show and having no fans/plans! Understandably the FTH guys weren't convinced it was a good move, so I started Blood and Biscuits to release their debut EP.

I pulled a lot of favours and had help from a lot of great people (Full Time Hobby, Inhouse Press, Peer Group Music, LittleBig Agency) getting it off the ground and releasing that first EP. The next 2 releases were the follow up EPs by TTT. By then I was getting the hang of it and started working with Tall Ships after drunkenly seeing them at The Lexington one night. I teamed up with Kev at Big Scary Monsters to release that EP (and went on to release a few more records by Tall Ships).

Then Gallops got in touch out of the blue with their incredible debut EP  (which I co-released with Alex at Holy Roar) and I found myself with a small but brilliant roster of new instrumental, glitchy, synth heavy, kinda math-rocky bands. More debut EPs from Teej and LA2019 followed in that vein.

That'll do for the nostalgia section. I've basically gone from there and tried to branch out a bit by releasing some records with (shock-horror) vocals and generally work with people and bands that I find interesting, exciting, innovative... confusing  and totally brilliant. I've been lucky enough to work with some exceptionally talented and awesome individuals and bands over the years including Bop English (James Petralli of White Denim), Krill, Sleep Party People, The Physics House Band, Lite, Portasound, Evil Ex and a couple of cassette releases for Efterklang and Múm.  I was somehow offered a job at one of my favourite labels City Slang at the end of 2014 so now continue to release records on Blood and Biscuits when I'm not busy with the likes of Caribou, Sinkane, Gold Panda, The Notwist etc!

Simon Morley / Blood and Biscuits